FiDGETGLOVE was designed to help students meet sensory needs, improve fine motor skills, and cope with anxiety.

The glove includes magnets, velcro, fur and zippers to help students cope with stemming while redirecting their actions in a more appropriate manner in a classroom setting.

Special Feature

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Velcro on palm sticks to fingers, providing a fidget opportunity while also improving finger strength and dexterity.


While it was created originally with the special education community as the focus—the FiDGETGLOVE is ideal for ANYONE who fidgets!

Yes, FiDGETGLOVE should always be used with supervision. There are small parts that can come off if the glove is used improperly, which may cause a choking hazard.

Yes, when supervised and used correctly FiDGETGLOVE is safe. It is made from high quality, medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, latex or non-toxic materials.

If your student or child is above 6 years old and is seeking sensory stimulation, likes to fidget, or needs support strengthening fine motor skills, this glove is right for you!

FiDGETGLOVE provides 4 out of the 5 sensory experiences:

  • Touch- fur, snaps, magnets, velcro, zipper
  • Taste (oral stimulation)- removable chew piece
  • Sound- the zipper and snaps provide a swish and popping sound
  • Sight- fun bright, stimulating colors.

There are many beneficial ways to use the fidget glove. It can be used functionally in multiple settings where you need the child to be engaged with a preferred activity in order to elicit a positive behavioral response. You can use the glove during periods of downtime or boredom to keep the child engaged during periods of transition. The glove can be readily available for most environments in day to day life.